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I spent the last few weeks watching all the couture spring and summer designer shows as well as the new collections ready to hit the market. This allowed me to let you know what’s coming! The hot trends that are all over the catwalk, and designer fashion shows for spring summer 2019. Not all new trends will be for everyone. Personal style should always come first and if a new trend intrigues you and you think its something that can work with your own personal style then have some fun and try a few new things!

I will list the fashion, color, fabric, pattern, accent, accessories, and shoe trends that are new for this coming spring and summer. I will also discuss some previous trends that are going to stay current as we move forward.

What is fashionable and on-trend this season:

#1 Asymmetrical / uneven hemlines

The asymmetrical design was the most prevalent design trend I saw almost every designer showing in their new collections. Off the shoulder styles still going strong with one shoulder asymmetrical looks leading the way. Pantsuits, jumpsuits, boilersuits, are all on-trend. Midi, and maxi length skirts and dresses, padded and big shoulder details that recon to the 1980s is back in style.

Ruffles large and small were a huge trend. Longer length’s for shorts just above or below the knee. Chanel showed biker shorts worn with heels and blazers. Structured jackets with flowy pants or skirts, and lots of oversized blazers.

The cape or garment with cape-like detailing in the back. As for pants, anything and everything goes; from skinny to wide leg, bell bottom, and high waisted styles still very on-trend. So whatever pant or slack looks best on you will be on-trend!

#2 Colors

Black and white are very popular as are soft neutrals beige, tan, sand, and brown tones. On the brighter side of things, yellows of all shades from pale to mustard or marigold tones. Pinks, pale pinks to magentas and fuschias, and lavender. Baby blue, royal blue, and navy, also all shades of green. on the brighter side, orange was a standout and red was still going strong into spring. Last of all bold neon colors were a very popular trend for the new season ahead.


#3 Fabrics

Lots of silky, and sheer flowy fabrics. Anything shiny, sparkly or iridescent, and metallics are still very on-trend. Lace, exceptionally large almost Battenburg and cutout looking laces. Netting type textures, as well as crochet, were very prevalent. Bleached denim made a big splash on the runway as well as leathers of all types are still very on-trend. Then clear plastic made its way into coats, handbag, and shoes.

#4 Patterns

Florals large and small were everywhere on evening gowns to blouses and even pants. Coats, shoes, and boots were all adorned with florals. Polka dots made a huge splash! And the animal print trend is not going away anytime soon with leopard, zebra, snakeskin still very on-trend in the season ahead. Stripes, plaids, still on trend while and tie-dye also made an appearance. Color block and pattern mixing was also a prevalent styling trend.



#5 Accents

Lots of sequins, beading, or anything that had sparkle, fringe of all types (including leather and beads strung to look like fringe), and feathers were everywhere. Also, lace showed up as trim detailing on everything from dresses, skirts, and even pants. Pleats and rushing also in style. The Bow was a very popular accent used. Last of all the butterfly and fabric rose detail was a new surprise. I’m sure we will be seeing these two trends make their way to retail.

#6 Accessories

The belt made the biggest splash in accessories. Big belts, small belts, chain and jewelry like belts, belts with large gold buckles, belts that hung long and had movement when walking, rope styled belts, and belts worn with other belts (two or more worn together). Everything was belted. Evening gowns had belts, belts over the top of blazers, belts over long tunic tops, pretty much anything you could add a belt to had a belt. Also, the belt bag was also a huge trend. So I would say any belt you have tucked away in your closet will be on-trend this coming season. The large brim hat was a popular item. My favorite accessory trend was the statement earring and statement necklace! Big bold jewelry was a huge trend, and even fancier styles were worn with more casual looks. As for shoes, the ankle bootie is still here to stay as well as the knee boot. The pointy toe pump took a twist with the addition of a T strap or ankle strap detail. The strappy sandals are still trendy. The wedge style shoe or sandal is also making a big splash on the runway. Finally, large handbags seemed to be the most popular, most designers showed very large handbags with their collections.



I know this is a lot to take in, but I just wanted you to know just what trends were available for you to choose from. I think the styling trend that was most wearable for everyone no matter their age or body type was the monochromatic look. This look of wearing one color from head to toe is universally flattering on everyone! It is also a very classy look that can make whatever you are wearing, look more expensive than it is.

What trends will you be incorporating into your spring summer looks? I know I will be loving and wearing several trends as we enter into spring.

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