Sparkle Glimmer and Glow from dressbarn this Holiday Season


I absolutely love the holiday season! This time of year is filled with color and sparkle.

It’s easy to get fancy dresses that sparkle, but sometimes you want to be a bit more casual and comfy while still having a bit of holiday glimmer. Dressbarn while having beautiful holiday dresses also has some fantastic things that are a bit more casual and great for work, shopping, church, family get-togethers or holiday lunch out with friends. I love this beautiful red sweater with the big cowl neck that can be worn up or off the shoulder. The gold zipper detail on the end of the sleeves is so on-trend. These back embellished jeans with embroidery and sequins on the side elevate a plain black jean perfectly for the holidays.



This adorable sweater dress would be great to wear to work with some boots and then go to a dinner party afterward with just a change of shoes to a silver pump. This dress is soft, comfortable, and has a touch of metallic threads in the waist sleeves and hem. I also love the on-trend ruffle detailing. These casual yet fancy outfits helped me Sparkle, Glimmer and Glow even in the daytime. I also want to thank dressbarn for the beautiful clothes and the opportunity to collaborate with them on this awesome holiday campaign sparkle shimmer glow!

I will have everything linked below for your convenience.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,


Ruffled hem sweater dress

Red sweater
Black embellished jeans


Holiday Dresses & Styling Tips For Mature Women

Happy Holidays! The month of December is filled with all kinds of parties, work-related events, special dinners out with friends, romantic date nights, and family gatherings. Many women will need a fashionable holiday party or cocktail dress. It is very important to know how to accessorize and style them.

Three simple rules I look for in a dress for a mature woman, (I will turn 60 this month). These rules work for me and I hope they will be of help to you as well.

1. I always like to have a dress that hits right at the knee, or anywhere from there and on down to the floor.

2. I also like long sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves the best as they look more flattering on most mature women. This can hide the dreaded “chicken wing” arms that come with aging.

3. My favorite look is to show just a little bit of shoulder because this is the one part of the body that gravity hasn’t taken down.  I also think it looks classier than a low cut dress does on mature women. Sometimes our decolletage can be a quick give away to our age as this is delicate skin that wrinkles easily. The four dresses I recently wore below follow the guidelines I just discussed. By the way, all of these dresses from Venus were under $40.00 and one was only $30.00! In addition, you can save 20% with my coupon code!  Use SANDYX20 and save an additional 20% off your order now through 12/14/2018

IMG_3926 2.jpeg

An emerald green off the shoulder dress with bell sleeve detail. I wore this out to date night with my hubby at a nice restaurant and then we were off to the Pacific Symphony in Orange County for a Christmas Concert.

This dress is very simple, so I chose a statement necklace and a small less noticeable earring to compliment the necklace and not compete with the necklace. The oof the shoulder look is ideal for a statement necklace if the dress is simple. My philosophy is to choose one thing to stand out and then let everything else play a back seat to the main attraction. I finished the look with an almost nude/golden sparkly pair of heels with some modern strappy details. I will link the dress and shoes below for you. At Venus, use code SANDYX20 and save an additional 20% off your order now and through 12/14/2018

Green Off the shoulder dress 

Kelly & Kate gold heels

IMG_3821 2

A cream & navy off the shoulder lace midi dress. I wore this to a late night performance of The Nutcracker and out to dinner with friends.

This dress has a lot going on with the busy lace pattern, long sleeves, and ruffled off the shoulder color. Because this dress has so much going on, I let it be the focus and did not over-accessorize. I just added a simple pair of rhinestone and pearl earrings, no necklace, because of all the focus at the top of the dress, and a strappy, sparkly pair of heels that played to the longer length of the dress. This extra long length brought the eye down to put the focus on the strappy shoes as the featured backup accessory. I will link the dress and the shoes below for your convenience. Any pearl or dressy earring will due. At Venus, use code SANDYX20 and save an additional 20% off your order now and through 12/14/2018

Navy & cream lace dress

Silver rhinestone sandals


A black cocktail off the shoulder party dress with sleeve detail. I wore this to the Festival of Lights at the Historic Mission Inn in Riverside, and then to a late dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Mario’s Place.

Sleeve detailing is very on trend this season, so when I saw this it caught my eye as an alternative to the ever popular little black dress. This dress is my favorite length of dress for mature women. As we age our knees start to show the signs of aging, so just below the knee can be very flattering. I still wear dresses that hit just at the knee or just above, but I really do think this just below the knee length is my best look. I minimally accessorized with just a large white and ringtone statement earring and no other jewelry because of the fancy sleeves. I gave it just a little punch with the black rockstar heels that have a touch of a jewelry type feel. Lastly, I paired it my black Chanel handbag for just a touch of elegance. The earrings, shoes, and handbag were all this dress needed to finish off the look. I will link the dress, shoes, and some similar handbags for your convenience below. At Venus, use code SANDYX20 and save an additional 20% off your order now and through 12/14/2018

Black off the shoulder dress

Valentino rockstud heels

Rockstud dupe heels for less


A pink long sleeve lace dress with a tulip bottom hem. This dress was all about two popular trends: the soft blush pink color, and lace. This look was for a daytime semi-formal holiday wedding. I chose to style this dress with a blush and rose gold necklace, a bracelet and earring set that was a gift from the bride, I thought it would be a nice touch to have her see me wearing it on her special day. This was more jewelry that I might normally wear, but because it all matched and was in similar color to the dress it worked. I just wore a sparkly golden/nude pair of heels to keep in line with the semi-formal dress attire. I will also link this dress and shoes below for you. At Venus, use code SANDYX20 and save an additional 20% off your order now and through 12/14/2018

Pink blush lace dress

Kelly & Kate gold heels


I hope this has given you some tips, and ideas as you plan for all your holiday events. May God bless you this Christmas and New Year!








The Scarf Is The Perfect Accessory​ ​For Mature Women


The scarf is, in my opinion, the perfect accessory. You can add so many different kinds of scarfs to almost any outfit no matter the outfit or season. The most casual outfit is elevated instantly once you add a scarf. The scarf has been one of most chic accessories since the early days of Hollywood glamour.


One thing I love about a scarf is how versatile they are. Everything from just around your neck once hanging long, or twice around to give a simple and more subtle look. You can use a long scarf just hanging loosely around the back of your neck and flowing free down the front without even bothering to tie it. One of my favorite ways to wear a long scarf is to fold it as thin as I can and wear it as a belt. I just put it through my belt loops and tie it in the front. It can add some interest just tieing it to your handbag without even wearing it at all.

In the colder seasons, I also love the big cozy oversized scarfs. These are great for using as a wrap to add interest and warmth to your outfit. I love to put a big cozy scarf around once, and then let it hang down long in the front and put a belt around it. Just looping a scarf a few times around your neck without even trying it is a chic look. The ideas are endless. The classic Grace Kelly style of over the head and tied around the neck with a great pair of sunglasses simply perfection!  Just try to think outside the box and use a scarf in any way you can imagine.

A beautiful silk scarf can be perfect with a dress or suit. The same scarf can even be paired with a simple pair of jeans and a T-shirt to dress things up.  I recommend if you don’t own a scarf, start with a beautiful classic large square one, as well as a long one. These two styles will meet most of your needs. Then, try adding a large warm sweater weight scarf for colder weather.

If you are not much of a jewelry wearing kind of gal, then try the scarf. I find when I wear a scarf, a pair of earrings and maybe a watch or bracelet is all I need. I would love to hear from all of you your favorite way to wear a scarf. We just might have cool new ideas that can help each other. Try a little scarf style ladies! There are no rules set in stone, just have fun with it!  I will link some affordable, beautiful scarves below for you in several different styles. Have a blessed day!


Animal print scarf
Blanket scarf
Kate Spade scarf
Winter scarf
Lightweight floral scarf

My Favorite Lipstick for Mature Women

My most favorite lipstick! I had an overwhelming amount of questions from my Frappuccino Friday post about what lipstick I am wearing. So much so that I decided to do a blog post telling you all what combination of products I have on in this photo.


A have on three products from MAC Cosmetics. I first lined my lips with MAC Half Red lip liner, then used MAC Cremesheen lipstick in color Hot Gossip, and finished with just a little MAC lip glass lip gloss in color Nymphet (in just the center of my bottom and the top portion of my lips). This is my everyday go-to lip color.  I know that the very light nude lip is on-trend right now, but I think it can tend to wash out the more mature woman. We look more alive with just a bit more color in my opinion. A touch of pink on the lips and cheeks can give a much more youthful appearance. If you tend to be a neutral or cool tone girl this lip combo will be great for you. If you are a warm toned girl, then choose something close that is a peachy pink color lipstick with a liner that is more like MAC Spice lip liner. The Nymphet lipgloss should work for everyone because it has a touch of gold sparkle that can work for most skin tones!

I should mention that I am a cool/neutral tone with all my makeup. If you are a warm or olive tone, this combo might not be right for you so I will make some alternative suggestions for your warm tone ladies.

How to tell if you are cool, warm or neutral skin tone.

First look at the inside of your wrist to see if your veins are blue or green looking in color. If they look blue you are cool tone, if they look green, you are warm tone, and if you can’t tell and they look to be a little of both, then you are most likely neutral and can wear either cool or warm tones. I will link all 3 products below for you in both cool tones like what I have on and some suggestions for you who are warm tone.

Have a blessed day!


Cool or neutral skin tone:

MAC Half Red lip liner pencil
MAC Cremesheen Hot Gossip lipstick
MAC Lip Glass Nymphette

Warm tone skin tone:

MAC Spice lip liner pencil
MAC Cream  lipstick Mocha
MAC Lip Glass Prrr Peachy Pink

Fashion for Mature Women: Favorite Jean Brand​ On Sale! Good American​​



I Absolutely love Good American jeans! They are my #1 go-to brand, so when they have a crazy sale I simply can’t resist! This is not a sponsored blog post, this is truly just the best fitting jeans, and I can’t live without them now!

For mature women, the fit on their high waisted jeans is amazing! They are soft and comfy with some stretch and are made perfectly to fit a women’s body.

I particularly love how the waist is slightly higher in the back than the front. This is a wonderful feature that prevents any kind of muffin top spillover. And as post-menopausal women with that little extra “pad of comfort” on our backs, we do not want or need, this is absolute perfection! I love all their high waisted style jeans that come in skinny, straight, flare, cropped or regular length leg.

I have listed below four of my favorite styles in both black and a blue, that are both great basic jeans to have in your wardrobe. Right now they are at a savings of up to 60% off! So you can do your happy dance at the checkout.

I recommend sizing down 2 sizes as they run large. For instance, if you usually wear a size 27 then order the size 25. I promise once you try a pair of Good American jeans you will be hooked for sure!

Have a great day!




Good American Black high waisted good legs jeans
Good American Blue good legs jeans



Good American Good Curve straight leg jeans
Good American Good Curve flare leg distressed jeans