Hello ladies, I have had many requests for some skincare recommendations and especially ones that do not cost a fortune. Here are my recommendations for seven products that I believe are a must for women over 50. If you can afford it, I recommend medical grade ZO Skin and Health products. If on a budget, I recommend the Vichy line of skin care products because they provide high-quality skin care at a reasonable price. I utilize both and go back and forth.

Tip: In addition to the face do not forget your neck, ears, and decollete!

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There are seven categories of products that are a must for aging skin.

1. Most importantly, you must be using some type of Retin A, retinoids, or retinol type of product if you want to put up any kind of fight against fine lines, wrinkles, texture, and sagging.  Retinol treatment  

2. A Vitamin C serum which helps stimulate collagen production.  Vitamin C serum

3. A hyaluronic acid to help with hydration, and plumping your skin.  iconHyaluronic acid serum

4. An SPF or some type of sunscreen to protect against the harsh rays of the sun that causes so much damage to the skin.
SPF facial moister

5.  A great night moisturizer that will aid in repairing, and moisturizing the skin while you sleep.  Menopausal replenishing cream

6. Is a great eye cream that helps with the more delicate crepey under eye skin.  Eye wrinkle serum

7. Is a dark spot corrector that will help fade age spots and discoloration of the skin that makes us look old. Dark spot corrector



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