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You can shop for free in your own closet, Sometimes it’s nice to shop the back of your own closet. I found this animal print jacket in the back of my closet.

Animal prints are always in style. Sometimes more than others, but always on-trend. To give this nine-year-old jacket a fresh look, I added a different belt than the one that came with it. I paired it with a new wide black belt with gold detail, skinny jeans, a new black blouse, black sock booties, and gold & black statement earrings. I know that most fashion bloggers recommend getting rid of things if you haven’t worn them in a year, but I tend to differ. I think this applies to trendy or lower end items. I always enjoy pulling out an item from the past and giving it new life. So take a look in the deep dark back parts of your closet and shop for free! Below I will link some of my favorite animal print items.


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  1. I love this outfit on you – and I also agree with you that you need to be careful about throwing things out. As you say it’s about HOW things are styled and that is something in which you excel!🌸

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