Five On-trend Styling Tips For Mature Women

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The question that I hear the most is also the complement I receive most often;  “how do I always look so put together and classy?”  LOL…..If any of you knew me in everyday life you would know that I am a very relaxed and open person and unashamed to tell almost anything about shortcomings. So the statement that I look classy can make me giggle a little bit. Because I don’t think of myself that way! I’m a pretty silly gal, to say the least!

I have five key things I do when getting dressed every day that make for a put together classy look, no matter how casual the outfit is. So I will share them with you.

Let me start by saying some of the things I will share with you some women my age will disagree. I can only share what works for me and provide my thoughts as honestly as I can.  So let’s get started!

#1  Accessories; at 60 years old no matter what I’m going to wear I always add a few accessories. In my opinion, you don’t have an outfit without them, it’s like a cake without the frosting. For example, I will at least add some earrings, a watch or bracelets, and a belt. Or, possibly a scarf, earrings, and a bracelet. Now you have some frosting! I always try to add at least three accessories. I think this comes from my Interior design background rule of 3-5-7. I like to stay away from even numbers, as uneven numbers are always more ascetically pleasing to the eye. For example, you should not put two candles on the table. Instead, you should use an odd number, and either have one candle or three candles.

#2 Shoes; this is a difficult subject as we age because of foot problems etc. so comfort is key. However, some comfortable shoes are not very attractive and they can kill the whole look of your outfit. If you have issues wearing heels I do understand because when I was first diagnosed with MS at the end of 2012, I had to stop wearing heels for a few years until my health got better. So, it was a challenge to find comfortable flat and lower heel shoes that I wouldn’t trip in. But, if you put some effort into finding attractive shoes, it will take your look from frumpy to classy. I will often see older women dressed nicely with accessories, with their hair and makeup was done with big joggers on or orthopedic looking shoes, and it hurts the whole look. In some cases looking like an old bag lady. I know this sounds brutal and harsh, but it’s important to invest in attractive, comfortable shoes.

Many companies now make shoes for the mature woman who especially need comfort. I will make recommendations below of some shoes with a high comfort level and great style as well. Try a comfortable kitten heel or wedge bootie to wear with your pants. Even a pretty loafer. Try arch support added to a stylish flat. I always stay away from a jogger when going out. I keep them for wearing at home and going for a walk or hike. I know it’s an on-trend look right now to wear a jogger with dresses, but I say this is better left to the younger ladies! I personally have never seen this look pulled off well by mature women. I always think an attractive shoe looks on point! I will link some comfy shoe brands below.

#3 Layers; add a third piece. A jean and T-shirt or top is only that, its not an outfit! When you add a sweater, jacket, or even a scarf, now you have an outfit! By adding a lightweight sweater over your shoulders, or just putting a cami under a collared shirt you now look like you are wearing a well thought out outfit.  The more layers you incorporate, the more put together you will look. Now I know in the heat of the summer this might not be practical so remember to accessorize! Simply adding a belt can kick things up a notch.

#4 Hair; this is another touchy subject with mature women! My preference for most older women is shorter hairstyles above the shoulder. I do know a few gorgeous women that look amazing with long hair! However, they have the right shape face for it and even more important, they have thick, healthy, and styled hair! If you have dry, thin, and damaged hair, it can make you look older than you are. As we age, we need softness around our face. We could also use some height on the top of our head to give a lift to our face. Everything we do needs to be lifting our face, not pulling it down as gravity is trying to do that already! If you have been wearing your hair the same way since high school, and you’re now over 50, its time for a change even if its small. Figure out what shape face you have and then pick a style that flatters your face. Then style your hair! This will give you a modern, current, more polished look in the end!

#5 Makeup; try some makeup! You don’t all have to wear as much as I like to wear. I understand we all have our individual style! And if you have been a natural kind of girl in your younger years, I understand. However, as we age our complexion changes. It greys and can tend to look sallow, and we often get age spots. If all you do is wear a tinted BB cream, a touch of blush on your cheeks and some lip gloss, you will always look more polished and put together.

If you saw two photos of me wearing the same outfit, the first showing my hair and makeup done, and the other without my hair and makeup done you would see what a difference it makes! I truly believe putting on some makeup and styling your hair is 50% of the overall look of your outfit! If you have never worn any makeup take a trip to a  Lancome or Este Lauder makeup counter at a department store, or go to a Sephora and ask for a free makeover! Just ask for someone who understands how to do makeup for mature skin.

So there you have it! These are the five things I do that I know help me look like I’m sophisticated and classy even when I’m really not! These tips also help me feel more confident about how I look, and that translates into being more confident! I hope this has helped some of you. I will add a bonus tip, and that is to make sure you smile! A smile is the best finishing touch to any outfit and makes everyone beautiful.

Have a blessed day,


Comfy shoe brands: Naturalizer, Clarks, Earth, & Rockport

Love Chico’s! Shop My Look, Now On Sale!


I can’t get enough of Chico’s lately! They are having a big sale, and many of the winter items are on clearance. These crazy sale prices keep bringing me back for more!  Beautiful jewelry marked down so low it’s almost ridiculous! My favorite color is green, and this silky soft shirt and jeggings are not only classic and chic, they feel like I’m in my PJ’s.

I highly recommend taking a look at all they have on sale right now. I have this shirt in several colors. It’s beautiful and classic, I know I will enjoy them for years. The jeggings also come in several other colors. So, go take a look while things are still available! The jewelry that’s on sale is to die for ladies! The pieces I have on in this post are just a few of what they have on sale.

Happy bargain shopping fashionistas!



Green silky soft shirt

Green jeggings

Green & Purple bib necklace

Green & Purple earrings

Green & Purple bracelet

Two On-trend Essentials​​ All Women Need

I want to share with you the two things every woman should have in her closet that will be the building blocks for any great outfit whether it be super casual or a little dressed up.

#1 A great pair of jeans! For some women, this will be a skinny jean, for some a straight leg jean, or maybe you prefer a wide or flare leg version. All women look great in a high waisted style of any of the above-listed jeans. I recommend a darker wash that will translate great styling into both casual and dressy.

#2 The basic button up long sleeve collared shirt is a must! I recommend a plain white shirt and a solid black for starters. After that fill your closet with all your favorite colors and stripes, plaids, or florals. A denim or chambray version goes great for more casual looks.  This shirt can be worn tucked in, left out, or tied at the waist, and sometimes worn like a jacket just left open. You can layer it with pullover sweaters, cardigans, blazers, jackets, a vest over the top, or layer a turtleneck, cami, T-shirt, and you might try another button-up collared shirt underneath.

With a great pair of jeans and a shirt, the styling combinations are endless! Its all left up to how you like to accessorize and style them. For super casual, try pairing the two with sneakers and a jean jacket. For something to dress things up just a bit, try pairing the two with a sweater or cardigan, and some booties or knee boots. For a more professional look pair these with a blazer and tuck the shirt in, then add a great belt, some pumps, scarf, and some jewelry. You can even dress them up for an evening look by using a silky version of this shirt, dark wash or black jeans, dressy heels, pearls, and an elegant coat, or a velvet blazer. You might also try layering the shirt over a lace cami and leaving some of the buttons open and tie it at the waist. Just use your imagination!

We are living in a time where almost anything is in style as long as it looks good on your body type, and makes you feel great about how you look! Confidence is 99% of fabulous fashion and great style! If you don’t feel good wearing something, then take it off. Always wear what makes you look and feel your best!

I can always come up with a great OOTD when I start with these two great basics. I know you can too. Its all about finding the right brand and cut of jeans for your body, and the same in a shirt. Sometimes larger busted women can have a difficult time finding a button up shirt that fits well without gaping open at the bust. I have the answer to this problem it just takes a little tailoring but its worth it! Buy the shirt that fits your bust, then if you need to have the waist taken in, then do it! You might also need to have the shoulder seam adjusted, but for just a few dollars you will end up with a shirt that looks like a million dollars on you. This will make creating great classic outfits a breeze. Trust me!

I have posted several photos of the jean and shirt combo to give you some food for thought. Everything from casual western and up! I hope this gets you thinking on all the different ways you might style these two fashion basics.

Have a blessed day,



On-trend ​Teal Blouse For Mature Women

IMG_5916I just love this soft teal blouse with the lace shoulder insert from dressbarn! The lace adds something special and different with a touch of femininity. I also love how the sleeves have buttons and tabs which make it look good when the sleeves are rolled up. The V neck is perfect for just about everyone.

This blouse is figure flattering on all body types from petite to tall & plus size women. If your a bit curvy this blouse drapes beautifully over the body, and if you are a tuck it in kind of gal it is lovely styled that way as well. This teal green color is universally flattering on all different colorings for blonds, redheads, and brunettes.

I paired this look with some black skinny jeans from Chico’s & black leather knee boots for a great daytime casual and go anywhere look. I wore this outfit to spend the day with my hubby to go to lunch and a movie plus a little shopping before he goes back to work.  My hubby has been on a 6-month sabbatical from his university to write his second book. During this time I have grown used to him being home, and now the house will feel empty when he’s gone. The only plus is I will have more time to get some cleaning done before the spring. Closets and storage in our smaller downsized home are a real pain after having a large home with plenty of room for 20 plus years. This means letting go of things not used on a consistent basis.  But sometimes you just have to do what you have to do! So it’s going to be goodbye extra stuff!

I have linked everything below for your convenience. I hope your day is a blessed one.

By the way, the pictures were taken at a beautiful spot; the Greystone Manor in Beverly Hills. The light just seems to be right all the time! The gardens are spectacular.


Teal green blouse

Chico’s black jeggings
Black leather Marc Fisher boots

2018 Favorites: Fashion & Beauty Products For Mature Women

My Top 5 favorite OOTD looks of 2018

Hellow fashionistas below is a list of all my favorites of 2018 fashion & beauty. I hope you enjoyed the year as much as I did. Thank you all so much for your kind words, support, and encouragement. I appreciate you all more than you know! You made my year extraordinary!  I’m looking forward to a new year of favorites!


Favorite, at home beauty tool:

NEWA Skin tightening system 

To save $50.00 on NEWA use



Favorite heels:

Sam Edelman animal print pumps


Valentino Rockstud black T strap heels




Favorite booties:

INC black sock bootie

Sam Edelman leopard bootie in 2 colors



Favorite belt:

Small Brown Gucci belt



Favorite jacket:

Black leather jacket with denim dicky



My favorite, most frequently worn comfy jeans:

Good American Blue good legs jeans



Favorite sweater:

Ivory fringe longer sweater



Favorite cardigan sweater: from



My favorite dress of the year:

Black off the shoulder dress



Favorite On-trend clothing item: Black jumpsuit from



My favorite earrings:

Kendra Scott fringe drop earrings sunglasses:



Burberry sunglasses




Favorite Lip combo:

MAC Half Red lip liner pencil
MAC Cremesheen Hot Gossip lipstick
MAC Lip Glass Nymphette






Favorite high-end foundations:






Favorite drugstore and Ulta foundations:

No 7 Airbrush away foundation

It Cosmetics foundation


Favorite makeup primer:

StriVectin face blueing primer


Favorite setting powder:

It cosmetics by- by pores setting powder



Favorite concealers:

Maybelline  concealer

It cosmetics by-by under eye concealer

Lancome dual finish highlighter





Favorite skin care & anti-aging products:
Zo health medical grade skin care
Retin A I get a prescription from my Dr. its a must have for me!
Egyptian magic cream I use this at night over all my skincare, and some under my eyes to keep concealer from creasing.







Favorite skincare serums

Hyaluronic acid








Vitamin C serums:

Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C serum
 I hope you enjoyed my 2018 favorites. In addition to all the above, my favorite professional beauty treatment was the Sublative laser peel from Fun by Michelle in Riverside Calif, (951) 479-2200.
I pray for you all to have a blessed & prosperous 2019 ahead of you filled with joy and much love!