On-Trend White Denim For Mature Women: Spring 2020


On-trend white denim for spring!
White denim is so chic and such a huge trend right now. If you haven’t tried white jeans or a white jean jacket before, this is the time to try it! I love how chic and fresh an all-white outfit looks. I styled it with this pink floral top, pink Nine West heels, and pink Coach handbag. I think this whole outfit screams springtime!

For mature women, when choosing white jeans I recommend a high waisted straight leg or flare style rather than a white skinny jean. This looks more sophisticated and classy, as white skinny jeans tend to look a little to tight and can easily highlight any imperfections. This white jacket and white flare jeans are super affordable. They are in the Sofis Vergara collection from Walmart! I will link everything below including, shoes for your convenience.


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White high waisted flare jeans https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/j7oph24oakqdz18x

White denim jacket https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/fwzp1yoom1xdo6zy

White denim jacket https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/dbupbc8ohvhd1apy

White denim jacket https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/v8wphodovy2do39y

Pink Nine West heels https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/943peiaop5md4nxy

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