Animal Print Trend


Animal Prints are the one thing that comes back in style time and time again! Zebra print is one that is a bit less on-trend than say leopard print. I never give away anything animal print that fits me. I got this jacket at Nordstrom’s 20 years ago! Lol, I was asked three times yesterday, where I got it! I have been able to pull this jacket out so many times over the past 20 years as trends with animal prints change.

A stylist will tell you over and over to get rid of anything in your closet you haven’t worn in a year. That is wasteful, in my opinion! I choose lots of things that I know will come back around every six years or so. Sometimes a dress will look new and current again just by changing the hemline! A trunk or rack on wheels that has a cover is a great way to store clothes you need to get out of your closet without getting rid of them. When they come back in vogue, you can put them in your closet again.

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