Outfit Of The Day At My Husband’​s Conference​ Presentation

IMG_1016Hello Friends, yesterday I had the privilege of handling the back of the room book sales for my husband’s books at The Connecting Faith in Business Summit in Riverside at the Convention Center. The theme for this year focused on family businesses. My hubby literally wrote the book on this subject, and he is an expert in this subject. He was a speaker and the master of ceremonies at this event. My outfit of the day was a leopard print dress by A New Day from Target, my Gucci belt from Nordstrom Black leather Steve Madden Boots and a long black cardigan sweater. I have everything linked for you below.

If you are interested in buying my husband’s book, I will link it for you as well. The book was chosen by Harvard Business School Publishing, they offer it for sale by the chapter to be paired with case studies and professors can add it to a coursepack.


Women’s Leopard Print Short Sleeve Collared Midi Shirtdress – A New Day™ Tan

BEP 2nd ed 2018



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