Light Blue Denim & Gingham Casual-Chic


I love distressed light wash denim with light blue. It’s such a soft and effortless casual look. I think light blue is a color palette that looks great on everyone. I also enjoy fall weather because it’s great for layering your clothing.





My jeans are Good American, and my cami and gingham shirt are both from Walmart, Sannibel Platform wedge sandals from Treasue& Bond. I will link everything below for you.


I also had the pleasure of meeting one of my husband’s students from the university yesterday. This is Gracie Mesropian a bright, beautiful, talented, young new fashion and beauty Instagram darling. Her photos on Instagram are stunning, and creative, a work of art! You can follow her there @ greekmind. I know she is on her way to big things, so check her out and follow her. I know you will love her as much as I do. LOL, she is so adorable she made me wish my grandson was just a few years older!                               Have a blessed Wednesday,


Good American flare jeans

Wedge sandal

Denim Jacket

TheMogan Junior’s Crisscross Strappy Tank Top Sexy Stretch Layering Camisole Cami

Women Button-down Long Sleeve Gingham Blouse

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