Mature Women Fashion Tips: How To Stay Cool In The Summer



Being overheated in the summer when your over 50 can be miserable. And on top of this, the fashion dilemma of not feeling like showing our upper thighs in shorts or upper arms in a tank top. What can we wear to look good and feel confident as well as stay cool at the same time? I will share some tips that work for me.


Tip # 1

The lightweight maxi or midi dress with short sleeves or an even better off the shoulder with some sleeve coverage that hides those saggy chicken arms as we age. A dress like this will keep you just as cool as shorts and a tank top while feeling more confident about how you look. This is not to say I don’t wear shorts and a tank top because I do, just not in public. I only wear this outfit at home. When I leave the house, I think there are parts of me best covered up for public consumption! LOL, The other great thing about the summer dress is its a one and done outfit that looks great while feeling like you a rein your nightgown. All you need are some cute sandals.


Gingham off the shoulder midi dress


Tip # 2

When I do wear shorts in public, I wear a Bermuda length short. I think this short length is more flattering on a mature woman. Or, a longer short that is only about two inches above the knee. Then wear any lightweight breathable shirt with the sleeves rolled up. An off the shoulder or cold shoulder top is usually my first choice. For myself, keeping my hair short and off my neck as well as keeping my upper body/shoulders cool is most effective. Most women with any type of hot flash due to menopause will tell you she wants to stick her head in the freezer, LOL. This is also how I feel with MS most of the time in the summer. When I get overheated, it’s my shoulders neck and head that need to stay cool. When this part of me is cool, the rest of my body seems to do better when it’s hot.

Tip # 3

Some more mature women, don’t even want to show their lower legs because of varicose veins, etc. If this is your concern, I recommend a lightweight cotton Capri pant or ankle pant. The key is having color and fabric weight. These two things will help keep you cooler. Keep in mind darker colors absorb the heat. Tip # 1 works well for hiding anything at the lower leg while still staying cool.


I hope these three simple tips help. I know these are all important for me as an older woman who only feels confident showing body parts from the shoulders up, the elbows down, and from the knees down. LOL, these are the parts of my own more mature body that are still in reasonably good condition. If you are an older woman who is still very fit and in great shape, I commend you. Then you wear whatever you feel confident in and love. This blog is to help those of us who have challenges in this area. I will link some summer dresses below that I would wear when the heat gets to those crazy high temperatures and the wedge sandals I’m wearing.

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Off the shoulder pop over midi dress

Off the shoulder pop over midi dress plus size

Leith floral flounce dress
Blue floral smocked maxi dress
Black floral print maxi dress
Yellow cold shoulder maxi dress
Black print off the shoulder high low dress
Stripe off the shoulder maxi dress
Blue floral off the shoulder midi dress
Green floral of the shoulder dress
Off the shoulder pinstripe maxi dress
Off the shoulder tiered midi dress
Erica pink  printed off the shoulder maxi dress
White wedge sandal

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