Ontrend Styling and Body Proportion Styling Tips & My dressbarn Story


This cute outfit is from dressbarn.  Dark wash cropped jeans, off the shoulder top. White summer jacket, and red espadrille shoes.

My dressbarn story

The first time I walked into a dressbarn, I was pleasantly surprised. It was nothing like a barn filled with dresses! It was beautiful, and the clothing was displayed very much like a high-end department store. The dressing rooms were huge, and the service was excellent. I wish I had known about dressbarn sooner than I did.

Dressbarn did a great job meeting the needs of most all woman with a wide range of sizes plus size to Pettit and everything in between. I also thought they had great value for a very reasonable price.
I want to talk a little bit about proper body proportion styling tips. Take a look at the two photos below, they are the same clothes just styled differently. In the first photo, my top is long, and my pants are cropped. The top half of my body looks larger than the bottom, and my legs look short. This is a very typical mistake.
In the second photo, I look thinner, taller, and my legs look longer because I have defined my waistline. This brings the eye up to the belt area and divides my upper body from my lower body, which makes my legs look longer. The jacket also helps create a longer and leaner look.
This is a great tip for most women, even if you don’t like a belt. Wearing one with a jacket or cardigan only shows a small portion of the belt. This helps divide your body in the right proportions. You always want your legs to look taller than the upper part of your body. Even if you just do a half tuck with your shirt or tie it at the waist. This is even more important when wearing any kind of cropped pant. Because a cropped pant already tends to make our legs look shorter.
This styling tip will help delineate a waist that will give the eye a point of reference for longer legs. If you are thin, or a more full figured curvy woman, you always look better when you can establish a waist. Another way to do this is with a shirt that is tailored in at the waist, or a top that has as an empire waist detail.
I hope this has been of some help. As for dressbarn, unfortunately, they are closing, and it is sad to see them go! However, now is a great time to take advantage of great clearance deals.
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  1. You make a very good point in this post! Also, about Dressbarn, I am so sad to see them go. They were my “go to” store for nice dresses and separates. 😊 Rosemary

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