My Favorite Shirts For Women Over 50


I love a great shirt tied at the waist. The shirts from Chico’s are just beautiful, and they come out of the wash wrinkle free! I have 10 button-up shirts from them! Right now they are on sale. These shirts are a staple in my closet. I love to style them in different ways open over a tank top like a lightweight cardigan, tucked in all the way, just a half tuck in the front, or just over a plain tee shirt with the arms tied around my neck if it gets a tad cool at night. I also love layering them one over the other in different colors or patterns!

Chicos also has a silky version shirt that I love. It is also wrinkle free and available in 12 different colors. They have a 3/4′ length sleeve shirts that are no-iron, and these are perfect for summer months, all on sale right now.

I think Chico’s shirts are very high quality. These shirts can take a simple denim outfit to the next level. I know once you try one, you will love them as much as I do! I also am in love with the wedge sandals from Nordstrom that I will link as well.

I will link some for you below.

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Floral and stripe tunic shirt

Silky soft shirt

Stripe 3/4 sleeve shirt
Butterfly garden print shirt

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