Top Six Tips For Women Wearing White Over Age 50

Hellow, fashionistas, White jeans are always in fashion, and this summer season they are very on-trend. However, finding flattering and comfortable white jeans can be a difficult task for us more mature women. I would like to share a few tips that have helped me in finding a good white jean.


Tip # 1 is finding a pair that is not see through. This means a higher quality thicker fabric that has some stretch to it.

Tip # 2 is fit, even if you’re choosing a skinny jean it’s always better to go up one size because skin tight white jeans are just not as flattering as a slightly looser fitting jean. White jeans are very unforgiving and tend to emphasize every lump or imperfection if the fit is off.  My favorite white skinny jean is from the brand Good American.


Tip # 3 Almost every more mature woman looks best in a white straight leg, flare leg or wide leg style jean. If you have not been comfortable with wearing white jeans I recommend you try one of these styles first!

Tip #4 I always recommend choosing a high waisted jean, especially when we are opting for white. It lends to a much more seamless and smooth silhouette while holding in everything.


Tip #5 Try a wide leg cropped jean for something new. I recommend wearing a nude colored shoe with this look, which makes the legs look longer. I also want to point out that with a cropped version, styling your top tied at the waist or tucked in. If you’re not comfortable tucking it all the way in try a half tuck or just a small portion in the front tucked in. This keeps the body proportion. If you style a long flowy top with a wide leg cropped pant you will appear to have legs that are way shorter for your frame. Showing the pants starting from the waist down makes the legs look more balanced and in the right proportion.

Tip #6 Wear nude colored underwear! Wearing a white panty actually shows through more than a nude panty. Definitely, do not wear a colored panty!

My hope is to save you time and frustration while shopping for your white jeans. I have listed some of my favorite white jeans for you below. I hope this helps, Have a blessed weekend,


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