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Favorites: Skincare & Antiaging Tools For Mature Women


I am so excited to share with you some links to my favorite medical grade skincare brand at 50% off! I love the brand Osmosis! I recently found a store that I would have never thought to carry high-end brands. I will link everything for you below.

#1 Growth Factors: My favorite one is by the brand Osmosis. It has the highest amount of growth factor in one bottle that I have found. I love this product

Osmosis stem factor

#2 Quench Plus: This is a hydrating plumping serum that is perfect for dry aging skin.

Osmosis hydrate & plump


#3 Replenish: This serum has all the antioxidants to repair the skin.

Osmosis Replenish

These three osmosis skincare products along with Retin A are a must!

#4 Retin A: I recommend a prescription from your Doctor. If that’s not possible, then here are some over the counter retinol products. This is a must in your antiaging s skincare routine.


Neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair

Roc retinol


#5 NEWA: This is my favorite antiaging beauty tool!

The NEWA sends radiofrequency energy deep into the dermis layer of the skin, and this energy heats up the dermis to the point where it stimulates the production of new collagen. This, in turn, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, lifts and tightens the skin, reduces enlarged pores, evens out your complexion, contours your cheekbones and jawline, and gives you a fantastic glow. It’s everything you want and more!

All of the stars in Hollywood are using the NEWA! This is one of the things they do to stay looking so good!

Just use code ONTREND50 when you check out at, and you will save an incredible $160.00 off your purchase. Thank you NEWA for letting me give this great offer to all my subscribers and followers! USE code ONTREND50



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