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Asymmetrical top https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/gfb5s


Hello fashionistas, This cute Asymmetrical top from Shein was a huge hit yesterday. All day I received compliments while out shopping and having lunch with my hubby. I got 2 compliments at Petsmart, 3 at the salon, 1 at the grocery store, 2 at Bed Bath & Beyond, 1 at lunch, and 2 more at Starbucks. This just made me laugh because, in the morning, my hubby told me he didn’t much care for this top! Lol, like most men it takes them a while to warm up to new fashion trends and change in general 


I encourage you to give this fun new trend a go. Just have fun with it and start with an inexpensive piece like I did to see if you like it and feel comfortable wearing it. This top comes in 4 different colors. And it’s only $11.00, A small amount to give this trend a try! I have linked this below.

Have a blessed weekend!


Asymmetrical top https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/gfb5s


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