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Hellow fashionistas, I recently became acquainted with a beautiful jewelry line that I think is to die for. I love layering clothes and also necklaces and bracelets. French Kande is a brand that is perfect for layering or just wearing one stunning piece! Any piece in the line can be layered with any other piece. They all go together.

Free Earrings with Purchase! I also have included a code for a free pair of gorgeous earrings with any purchase of French Kande jewelry at the bottom of the blog!

The owner and designer is Kande Hall. And Veronica was so generous to allow me to choose anything I wanted from her line of jewelry. This was the hardest thing to do because I absolutely loved everything I saw in her online shop. I think everything she designs can be worn together in so many stunning combinations it’s endless.  I chose a beautiful necklace that was designed with 3 layers of beads and mixed metals.

About French Kande:

French Kande is a vintage forward® jewelry line created by indie designer Kande Hall. Her collections feature stunning, vintage French medallions from the 1960’s that she discovered during her travels throughout France. Gifted to their best customers as a token of appreciation by local businesses, each medallion is a story waiting to be told. Each offers its own unique history and brilliantly captures the style and attitude of the glorious French culture. Designed and manufactured entirely in her hometown of Los Angeles, every design and casting is proprietary: designed personally by Kande Hall. If it doesn’t say French Kande, it simply isn’t. Using natural materials of the highest quality possible and working only with Los Angeles and U.S. based manufacturing resources, every length of chain, every strand of stone and pearls is personally curated by Kande to ensure quality and reflect her trademark aesthetic. Timeless in its design, Kande’s jewelry speaks boldly, yet it is undeniably feminine. Her SoCal lifestyle has shaped her “throw on and go” attitude regarding her collections’ style and wearability; it’s the perfect accessory for a day at the beach or a night on the town.

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