On-trend​ Teami 30 Day Detox

Hello fashionistas, I’m excited to be sharing my experience with @teamiblends with you all! As I get older, it’s important to eat healthily but sometimes it can be hard to stay on track, so I was happy to become a #teamiparner. I’ve used @teamiblends 30-day detox for over 3 weeks and it’s been an On-trend help with any stomach issues on the go. Like most women, I can get so horribly bloated when traveling and it’s really uncomfortable especially being away from home. Since starting this, I feel like a new woman and much lighter too! If you’re wondering about Teami, I personally recommend it to everyone! Use my code TREND50 and save $10 off your order.
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59-year-old​ retired interior designer. Wife, mother, and grandmother. Taking advantage of my knowledge of design, and using it to promote fashion for middle aged women over 40 and over 50!

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