Two On-trend Essentials​​ All Women Need

I want to share with you the two things every woman should have in her closet that will be the building blocks for any great outfit whether it be super casual or a little dressed up.

#1 A great pair of jeans! For some women, this will be a skinny jean, for some a straight leg jean, or maybe you prefer a wide or flare leg version. All women look great in a high waisted style of any of the above-listed jeans. I recommend a darker wash that will translate great styling into both casual and dressy.

#2 The basic button up long sleeve collared shirt is a must! I recommend a plain white shirt and a solid black for starters. After that fill your closet with all your favorite colors and stripes, plaids, or florals. A denim or chambray version goes great for more casual looks.  This shirt can be worn tucked in, left out, or tied at the waist, and sometimes worn like a jacket just left open. You can layer it with pullover sweaters, cardigans, blazers, jackets, a vest over the top, or layer a turtleneck, cami, T-shirt, and you might try another button-up collared shirt underneath.

With a great pair of jeans and a shirt, the styling combinations are endless! Its all left up to how you like to accessorize and style them. For super casual, try pairing the two with sneakers and a jean jacket. For something to dress things up just a bit, try pairing the two with a sweater or cardigan, and some booties or knee boots. For a more professional look pair these with a blazer and tuck the shirt in, then add a great belt, some pumps, scarf, and some jewelry. You can even dress them up for an evening look by using a silky version of this shirt, dark wash or black jeans, dressy heels, pearls, and an elegant coat, or a velvet blazer. You might also try layering the shirt over a lace cami and leaving some of the buttons open and tie it at the waist. Just use your imagination!

We are living in a time where almost anything is in style as long as it looks good on your body type, and makes you feel great about how you look! Confidence is 99% of fabulous fashion and great style! If you don’t feel good wearing something, then take it off. Always wear what makes you look and feel your best!

I can always come up with a great OOTD when I start with these two great basics. I know you can too. Its all about finding the right brand and cut of jeans for your body, and the same in a shirt. Sometimes larger busted women can have a difficult time finding a button up shirt that fits well without gaping open at the bust. I have the answer to this problem it just takes a little tailoring but its worth it! Buy the shirt that fits your bust, then if you need to have the waist taken in, then do it! You might also need to have the shoulder seam adjusted, but for just a few dollars you will end up with a shirt that looks like a million dollars on you. This will make creating great classic outfits a breeze. Trust me!

I have posted several photos of the jean and shirt combo to give you some food for thought. Everything from casual western and up! I hope this gets you thinking on all the different ways you might style these two fashion basics.

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59-year-old​ retired interior designer. Wife, mother, and grandmother. Taking advantage of my knowledge of design, and using it to promote fashion for middle aged women over 40 and over 50!

2 thoughts on “Two On-trend Essentials​​ All Women Need

  1. Not all ladies look good in a collared shirt. I am one of those ladies. I am broad across the shoulders with a medium size bust but I look like a line backer in a shirt. I do not own one . I have bought them in the past and never feel good wearing them.

    1. Hi Linda, If you dont feel good wearing a collard shirt then I recomend trying a shirt or blouse without a collar. Try leaving the top one or two buttons open to creat a V neck look. This will still be a clasic look. Chose soft fabrics instead of stiff ones, so it’s not so bulky in the shoulders. I hope this helps Linda. Its all about what you feel your best in. Thank you for your input! I’m sure you’re not alone in this, so maybe this will help someoneelse. ​
      God bless,

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