The Scarf Is The Perfect Accessory​ ​For Mature Women


The scarf is, in my opinion, the perfect accessory. You can add so many different kinds of scarfs to almost any outfit no matter the outfit or season. The most casual outfit is elevated instantly once you add a scarf. The scarf has been one of most chic accessories since the early days of Hollywood glamour.


One thing I love about a scarf is how versatile they are. Everything from just around your neck once hanging long, or twice around to give a simple and more subtle look. You can use a long scarf just hanging loosely around the back of your neck and flowing free down the front without even bothering to tie it. One of my favorite ways to wear a long scarf is to fold it as thin as I can and wear it as a belt. I just put it through my belt loops and tie it in the front. It can add some interest just tieing it to your handbag without even wearing it at all.

In the colder seasons, I also love the big cozy oversized scarfs. These are great for using as a wrap to add interest and warmth to your outfit. I love to put a big cozy scarf around once, and then let it hang down long in the front and put a belt around it. Just looping a scarf a few times around your neck without even trying it is a chic look. The ideas are endless. The classic Grace Kelly style of over the head and tied around the neck with a great pair of sunglasses simply perfection!  Just try to think outside the box and use a scarf in any way you can imagine.

A beautiful silk scarf can be perfect with a dress or suit. The same scarf can even be paired with a simple pair of jeans and a T-shirt to dress things up.  I recommend if you don’t own a scarf, start with a beautiful classic large square one, as well as a long one. These two styles will meet most of your needs. Then, try adding a large warm sweater weight scarf for colder weather.

If you are not much of a jewelry wearing kind of gal, then try the scarf. I find when I wear a scarf, a pair of earrings and maybe a watch or bracelet is all I need. I would love to hear from all of you your favorite way to wear a scarf. We just might have cool new ideas that can help each other. Try a little scarf style ladies! There are no rules set in stone, just have fun with it!  I will link some affordable, beautiful scarves below for you in several different styles. Have a blessed day!


Animal print scarf
Blanket scarf
Kate Spade scarf
Winter scarf
Lightweight floral scarf

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