My Favorite Lipstick for Mature Women

My most favorite lipstick! I had an overwhelming amount of questions from my Frappuccino Friday post about what lipstick I am wearing. So much so that I decided to do a blog post telling you all what combination of products I have on in this photo.


A have on three products from MAC Cosmetics. I first lined my lips with MAC Half Red lip liner, then used MAC Cremesheen lipstick in color Hot Gossip, and finished with just a little MAC lip glass lip gloss in color Nymphet (in just the center of my bottom and the top portion of my lips). This is my everyday go-to lip color.  I know that the very light nude lip is on-trend right now, but I think it can tend to wash out the more mature woman. We look more alive with just a bit more color in my opinion. A touch of pink on the lips and cheeks can give a much more youthful appearance. If you tend to be a neutral or cool tone girl this lip combo will be great for you. If you are a warm toned girl, then choose something close that is a peachy pink color lipstick with a liner that is more like MAC Spice lip liner. The Nymphet lipgloss should work for everyone because it has a touch of gold sparkle that can work for most skin tones!

I should mention that I am a cool/neutral tone with all my makeup. If you are a warm or olive tone, this combo might not be right for you so I will make some alternative suggestions for your warm tone ladies.

How to tell if you are cool, warm or neutral skin tone.

First look at the inside of your wrist to see if your veins are blue or green looking in color. If they look blue you are cool tone, if they look green, you are warm tone, and if you can’t tell and they look to be a little of both, then you are most likely neutral and can wear either cool or warm tones. I will link all 3 products below for you in both cool tones like what I have on and some suggestions for you who are warm tone.

Have a blessed day!


Cool or neutral skin tone:

MAC Half Red lip liner pencil
MAC Cremesheen Hot Gossip lipstick
MAC Lip Glass Nymphette

Warm tone skin tone:

MAC Spice lip liner pencil
MAC Cream  lipstick Mocha
MAC Lip Glass Prrr Peachy Pink

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