On-trend​ Fashion for​ Women over 50: Sock & Ankle Booties, A Must have Item For Fall & Winter


The on-trend sock bootie is such a great addition to your fall and winter wardrobe. They can make a simple tee shirt and jeans look more classy, sophisticated, and stylish. It looks more put together than your basic runner or track shoe. I know the runner is also on trend right now but as a more mature woman, I think a bootie is a much better look for us! Whether it has a stiletto, kitten, or low chunky heel it just looks more refined on us ladies over 50 than a sneaker does.


Just imagine for a moment how I would look in all these photos in a white runner/track shoe……LOL, I would look way more casual, and a bit frumpy! My legs would also look shorter and at 5′ 3 1/2″ tall I need all the leg lengthening tricks I can have!


This is not to say I don’t ever wear a sneaker because I certainly do. I just keep those for going on walks with my hubby and dogs, or just hanging around the house and doing things in my yard. If I am going to go somewhere in the fall or winter months, the bootie is most likely my first choice.

You might also have noticed a trend in wearing sneakers or runners with dresses. In my opinion, this is a trend better suited for the younger gals. Almost everytime I have seen a woman in her 50s or older wear this look it hasn’t been to their advantage. It just isn’t a great look in my opinion unless you are tall, slim and in excellent shape. Instead, when wearing a dress, choose a bootie, flat or heel of some kind. This can stop you from looking a bit frumpy!

How to style your sock booties and ankle booties: With a sock bootie, it’s very simple, just let your pants fall over the top of the bootie. With an ankle bootie, you can do the same, or cuff your jeans so that they just bearly come to the top of the bootie but don’t touch the bootie. Or, wear them with a cropped jean that stops at or slightly above the bootie. It is ok to have a bit of skin show between the pant and bootie with this look. If you want your legs to look longer, then I would suggest you try the first choice and keep your bootie a darker color like your jeans. Have a light colored bootie with lighter colored jeans or pants. For example, look and see which photo my legs look longer and leaner in below. The white booties or the black?

As mature women, sometimes as we age we can develop knee and feet issues that might make us need a comfortable shoe, and the sneaker/ runner might seem to be a simple fix, but try a black, navy, dark grey, brown or even an animal print bootie with a low heel. If you look, there are comfortable choices available. I have listed some made by Rockport, Naturalizer, Cole Haan with very low heels for some of you who might not want to sport a heel like I do. Also for women with any toe sensitivity, I have a comfortable almond toe bootie with a lower heel linked below.

This great looking ankle bootie below is very fashionable and comes in several color choices. It is one of my favorites. I have listed booties in several styles and price ranges below to hopefully help everyone in their search for the perfect bootie this season. Have a blessed day.


   3″ and above heel booties
Louise et Cie Silvya Sock Bootie https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9hqmb
Leith Macee Bootie https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9hqk4

Animal Print Louise et Cie Silvya Sock Bootie https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9hqmf

Lowest price A New Day Pointed toe sock bootie https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9hqpp
Kitten heel booties
Animal print ankle bootie https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9h6pk
Michael Kors kitten heel bootie https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9hbsq
Rebecca Minkoff Sayres Kitten heel bootie bootiehttps://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9hqm2
Sam Edelman kitten heel ankle bootie https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9hczw
Lower heel booties
Sam Edelman Winona Bootie https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9hqmp
Blondo Villa Waterproof Bootiehttps://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9hqmt
Soul Society Dawnina chunky heel bootie https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9hqmz
Almond toe ara Tate Bootie https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9hqpg
        Comfort booties
30% off Cole Haan Abbot Ankle Booties Shoes https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9hqp5
Rockport Total Motion Kalila Bootie https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9hqkm
Naturalizer Zarie Block Heel Bootie https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9hqkw

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