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Hello, fashionistas! Every woman needs some kind of great fitting navy blazer in her wardrobe. The blazer is a classic that is always in style. It can elevate almost any look like I have done in the photo above with just some jeans and a striped T-shirt.  All I did was add a heeled bootie and the blazer and bam! You have upped your game!

This classic blazer is great all year round. It can be layered in the winter under a coat, it’s perfect for fall with sweaters, great over lightweight tops and T-shirts in the summer, and to drape over your shoulders when in very cold air-conditioned restaurants, shops, etc. It’s perfect in springtime styled with fresh white or pastels. My favorite way to style this blazer is with a great pair of jeans. But, I also like it paired with skirts, dresses, and even shorts in the summertime.


BUDGET TIP: Now is a great time to pick up a blazer on sale or clearance. If you can find a basic navy blazer at a good price you can make a lower end blazer look like a million bucks, by having a little tailoring done if needed, as well as changing out plastic buttons for some nicer metal gold ones Every time you pull out a navy blazer it will instantly add class and style to your look! The navy color is also a neutral that can go with just about anything, just like a dark wash jean can.

I absolutely love a navy blazer with gold buttons. My favorite one is by Balmain, but that comes with a hefty price tag in the range of around $2500.00. This is most likely out of range for many of us so I will list below some other choices and solutions that are much less expensive and look similar to the Balmain styled blazer for much less. Keep in mind if you are not a navy lover a great black blazer will be a great choice as well as they are both neutrals. I have listed some medium to lower priced navy blazers below that can be upgraded with the metal gold colored buttons as I mentioned before. Thanks for stopping by to visit my fashion blog. I would love for you to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

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Ann Klein navy blazer on sale

A New Day double-breasted blazer
Anne Klein Long Boyfriend Suit Jacket
Classic one button boyfriend blazer

icon                            Balmain style blazer for less

Balmain blazer


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