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Hello, fashionistas! The most questions I get asked are about my lipstick and my hair. The lipstick is my #1 most asked, so I thought it would be easier to just do a little blog post about this for everyone, rather than trying to answer each question individually.  First of all its not just one lipstick, it’s a combination of several things. So stay with me while I try to explain.

I should start by saying I am a cool/neutral tone with all my makeup. If you are a warm or olive tone, this combo might not be right for you so I will make some alternative suggestions or you ladies later.

I pretty much wear the same combination of products almost every day. To start, I have been wearing the same basic lip liner from MAC for the last 10 years and it is the only lip liner I use unless I am going to wear a bright red lip.  My holy grail lip liner is MAC’s Half Red, it’s the closest to my natural lip color only just a bit darker. It is a kind of neutral-cool tone deep berry/mauve color. I use it not only to line my lips, but I also fill in my lips with this liner all over just leaving the middle center portion of my lips uncolored. Then, I use MAC lipstick in the color Midimauve. Then I lightly powder the edges to seal my lip color. This helps to stop any of my lipstick from bleeding up into my fine lines and wrinkles around my mouth. It also makes my lipstick stay on all day, 8 plus hours.

Then I do something slightly crazy that I came up with on my own;  I also put some of my favorite cream blush by Loreal in the center of my top and bottom lips and blend it out with my fingers. This is the same blush I also use on the top of my cheeks and a little as well on the center portion of my eyelids. This rose-gold colored cream blush has just a bit of a golden shimmer in it. I also think that using it on my cheeks, eyelids, and lips helps blend and unite the same colors all over my face. I personally am not a fan of different tones on lips, cheeks, and eyes. This is only my personal opinion. Then I just top my lip combination off with one of my favorite lipglosses, either MAC color Nymphetor rose-gold shimmer or Marc Jacobs color Love Buzz – rose-gold shimmer. Both of these are very much the same in color with the Marc Jacobs being just a touch lighter than the MAC gloss. I know this sounds complicated and crazy ladies but this is what I do just about every day. I hardly ever need to touch up more than a bit off gloss during the day. My lipstick stays in place for the whole day with this process, and the setting of the edges with a bit of powder is key! I can eat and still have lipstick on!

If you do not know if you are a warm skin tone or a cool skin tone, here is a simple how to: Look at the inside of your wrist, if your veins look greenish in color you are more warm toned. If they are bluish in color, you are more cool toned. If you are having difficulty seeing the difference between the two, then you are more than likely a neutral and can wear both warm and cool tones.

If I need to have a pinker lip, I do everything just the same as above. The one difference is I use MAC Lipstick in color bombshell as my lipstick color, and keep everything else the same. If I need a little bit of a peachy tone lip, I just change my lipstick to a cool tone pinky/coral tone lipstick and keep everything else the same.  If you are a warm tone girl then I would try this with MAC Spice lip liner; a more coral nude lip color from MAC with the peach-gold lift cream blush from Loreal and topped off with a peachy/pink gloss with some gold shimmer. I will list all the products I love and use daily below for you. I hope this helps answer your questions. Have a blessed day!

MAC Lip Liner in color Half Red
MAC Plum Lipstick  color Midimauve

MAC Lipstick color Bombshell

MAC Lipglass – Lipgloss Nyphet
Marc Jacobs Lipgloss Love Buzz
Loreal cream blush in Rose Gold Lift

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