On-trend Sweater Favorites Of 2018


On-trend stylish sweaters are my favorite part of fall and winter fashion. I love how warm, cozy, and soft they are. Today, they are anything but just a plain sweater! The different types and styles of sweaters are endless! We still have the basic pullover and turtleneck which will always be great basic’s. I’m loving all the longer tunic style sweaters that can be worn with leggings and boots. Also, there are all kinds of great new sleeve details for sweaters today such as cold shoulder, off the shoulder, braiding, ties, bell sleeves, bows, etc. I think any of these cool details can elevate the look of any sweater outfit.

I’m also loving all the more modern versions of the cardigan sweater. I think the extra long ones are very figuring flattering and help elongate the silhouette and look oh so chic. This black one in the photo below has fringe at the bottom that set’s it apart from just the average cardigan. This style sweater is such a great layering piece. When you add a beautiful long cardigan it can make your whole outfit look more put together similar to what happens when you add a blazer or jacket only you’re much more comfortable and cozy.


As a woman of almost 60 with MS, I tend to get overheated throughout the day at times. Even though I’m done with menopause I still get hot flash-like symptoms from MS, so having a cold shoulder or off the shoulder sweater really works perfectly for me because it’s my shoulders, neck, and head that needs to stay cool most of the time. I recommend if you’re in menopause or suffering from any kind of hot flashes or autoimmune diseases you give these types of sweaters a try!

Sweaters have also been incorporating all kinds of embellishments lately like metallic threads, pearls, zippers, rhinestones, fringe, animal prints, and puffballs that are knitted into the sweater.  Today’s sweater fabrics are also much more comfortable than in years past. I remember wearing itchy scratchy wool sweaters to stay warm as a young girl. Today’s mixed blends are so much more wearable, and a favorite of mine will always be a beautiful cashmere Sweater.  One of my favorite places to shop for sweaters is Venus. They have so many stylish on-trend sweaters at very reasonable prices. I also want to thank Venus for graciously sending me 3 of the sweaters in my photos for free along with a 20% discount code just for my followers! This code will work on everything on their website, even items that are already on sale!!! This is such an awesome deal it will have me shopping as well. I have l some of these sweaters along with a few others I plan to order for myself below. Make sure you use Code SANDYA20 for additional 20% savings. Have a blessed day!


Color block black and grey off the shoulder sweater:  http://ow.ly/iDnq30mc0p7

Sleeve detail tunic sweater available in 6 colors:  http://ow.ly/hzFZ30mc0pN

Trumpet sleeve sweater with ties 5 colors available: http://ow.ly/wRxZ30mc0qu

Blush pink cold shoulder sweater: http://ow.ly/F07230mc0rK

Fringe detail long duster cardigan sweater in navy:  http://ow.ly/rNWd30mc0ss

Animal print Keyhole turtleneck sweater: http://ow.ly/5Gph30mc0t1

Lightweight ring detail cold shoulder turtleneck 4 colors available: http://ow.ly/GG1A30mc0we



Mock neck cold shoulder sweater 3 colors available:  http://ow.ly/NvUc30mc0xf

Off the shoulder tunic sweater 2 colors available:  http://ow.ly/TbhT30mc0xV

Blush peachy pink asymmetrical off the shoulder sweater: http://ow.ly/WyHU30mc0yK

Cold shoulder sweater with ruffle detail:  http://ow.ly/bfpm30mc0zJ

Red plaid fringe detail sweater:  http://ow.ly/tzHo30mc0AD

Burgundy cold shoulder sweater: http://ow.ly/XsRU30mc0Bn

Off the shoulder citrus gold sweater:  http://ow.ly/6H8r30mc0C9


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