Fall In Love With Animal Prints!



Animal prints are very on-trend this fall! They are always in style, and this year they are a must-have. Every girl needs some kind of animal print in her wardrobe; a blouse, sweater, dress, blazer, coat, heel, bootie, handbag, or even a scarf with an animal print. If you have anything tucked away in your closet with an animal print, then its time to pull it out and put it on.
One of my favorite ways to apply this chic trend is to wear my Sam Edelman Leopard pumps.
Sam Edelman animal print pumps https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9h4ts
I will link some of my favorite animal print items below. Some of these I have ordered, and some are still on my wish list. Have a blessed day.

 Leopard print scarf https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9h6q4

Animal print long cardigan sweater https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9h6qf

Steve Madden flat https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9h6p5

Animal print bootie https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9h6q7
Sam Edelman bootie https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9h6pk
Animal print handbag https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9h4th
Animal print scoop neck top https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9h6qb
Leopard print blazer https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9h6pw
Leopard print faux fur coat https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9h6pq
Animal print midi shirtdress https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9h6pf
Frame leopard print silk blouse https://indi.com/p/9g8v7/9h6pb


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