How I Make A $14.00 Top Look More Expensive​!​ ​

On-trend velvet tops and blouses for under $15.00.


Hellow, fashionistas!  The velvet trend is still going strong into fall and winter 2018. I have seen velvet tops for $50.00 and up depending on where I’m shopping. My philosophy trendier items that might not be in style for more than a season is to buy these tops inexpensively and then style them with higher end pants, shoes, belt, and accessories.

I think by styling this $14.99 velvet top with designer jeans, a great belt, higher end shoes or boots, an expensive silk scarf, designer belt, and handbag, topped off with some on-trend jewelry, these tops look like I spent much more than I did.

I purchased these tops in the photo above from Aliexpress in China. I know what your thinking! LOL, because I thought it too! But most of my experience with buying from Alixpress has been very good considering the price I paid! I use my PayPal account and I’m not charged until my package arrives (which to be honest, can take a while). These tops come in XS thru XL. Their sizing does run small, so I always check the conversion of centimeters to inches to make sure the items will fit.

If you have not ever ordered anything from Aliexpress maybe give it a try.  You just might be pleasantly surprised like I was.  I will list below the link for this shirt that comes in 3 color choices along with the link for centimeter conversion chart.

Velvet shirt 3 colors available
Velvet bell sleeve top 2 colors available

Conversion cm to inches


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