How ​to Make Yellow Work for you: On Trend Fashion for Women over 50


Hello Ladies. Yellow has been such an On-Trend color this spring and summer. I Love yellow! However, I have a hard time wearing this beautiful color without it washing me out, or making me look sick. How you make this color look good on you will be different for everyone depending on your coloring.

When I wear yellow it needs to be a golden yellow, not a lemon or pastel yellow. It also helps if the garment has other colors in it that look good on me, like this jumpsuit in the photos. The jumpsuit has pink, lavender, white, and little bit of burgundy. These are all colors that I wear often. By keeping a color that does look good on you closest to your face, it keeps you from having the washed out look.  As an example, I have done this in the picture above with the white tee and white earrings. This way the Yellow isn’t what is right next to my face.

This cute yellow floral jumpsuit was made to be worn sleeveless. As a mature woman, I don’t really like showing that unattractive chicken arm we can get as we age, so I turn strapless garments into a jumper style by layering them over a Tee, or a button-down shirt.

If you like something that you might not actually wear the way its shown in the store, then think outside the box and layer something under or over it. In cooler weather, a jean jacket would also look cutely layered over this jumpsuit.

I have linked everything below if your interested in anything I’m wearing in this look. If I was unable to find the same thing I linked something similar for your convenience.

Have a blessed day!

Yellow floral jumpsuit

White scoop neck Tee

Simular nude wedge sandal


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