My Favorite Strapless​ Bras​ for the Off Shoulder On-Trend Fashions!

Hello fellow fashionistas, I was asked today about what strapless bra I wore because of all the off the shoulder tops & dresses I wear. So below I have shared why I wear so many off the shoulder styles along with the links to the ones I own and wear.
A loose bra does not work! This is one bra that needs to fit snug around your rib cage and back. A loose one will not support you, we don’t want to have a traumatic (for all involved) wardrobe malfunction!
A good strapless bra is not easy to find. Unfortunately, the more expensive ones are the best in the strapless category. I have linked four of the ones that I own and really like below for you.
Tip: In a pinch, I sometimes just drop my regular bra straps lower on my arms under the sleeve area of an off the shoulder top. I’m so in love with this trend because with MS, keeping my shoulders, neck, and head cool is key. This is also why I wear my hair so short. When its long, it just turns into a hot sweaty mess on my neck…….LOL……Isn’t getting old fun!
Thanks to my Friend Gigi for the question!
I hope I have been of some help.


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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Strapless​ Bras​ for the Off Shoulder On-Trend Fashions!

  1. Very helpful information. Thank you. There are many off-the-shoulder tops & dresses I haven’t bought because they would have required strapless bras, and they haven’t been good. I’m going to try these.

    1. Hi Cara, I’m so glad this was of some help to you! The off the shoulder look is great because it play’s to our positive features! No matter how old we get, our shoulders won’t sag……LOL…….I know it’s one of the only places on my body gravity hasn’t destroyed​ yet.

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