The On-trend​ “Mary Ann​” Summer look for over 50 Women


Growing up in the 70’s everyone loved Gilligan’s Island. And Mary Ann was a favorite! There is still a common debate among men: Mary Ann or Ginger? For many, (including my husband) it was Mary Ann. Her sweet innocent persona along with her cute cutoff jean shorts and midriff red gingham top was a trademark look that she wore in every episode. Girls everywhere wanted to emulate her look. It was a trend that has been around for just about 50 years. This is still an on-trend adorable summer look even today.

Now at 59 years old, this trendy look needs to be slightly modified for me! Instead of short shorts or Daisy Dukes, a more modest Bermuda length jean short is more appropriate. Also, a longer gingham shirt tied at the waist in place of the just under the bust midriff is much more appropriate to wear as we get older. Then just add a cute pair of wedge sandals and some sunglasses and you’ve got the Mary Ann look for over 50!

Gingham is also a huge trend right now so it’s easy to find all kinds of cute gingham tops in many colors and styles that you can choose to suit your own figure. This is such a cute casual summer look, and you wear your jeans at any length, from above the knee to a capri style, or any length you feel comfortable wearing. Add a gingham shirt that could even be worn with a half tuck or just out over the top of your jeans if that suits you best.

If you can’t find a cute new pair of jean shorts or capri length jeans, try cutting off an older pair of jeans yourself and either cuffing the bottom like I have done, or let them fray at the bottom which is also very on-trend right now. Have fun with this old classic summer look and adapt it to suit your own comfort level and personal style. I will link some gingham tops and jean shorts, sandals etc. below for you for your shopping convenience. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and have a blessed day!



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