40 Year Anniversary Celebration


Hello my fellow fashionistas, I had a wonderful 40th anniversary weekend that my amazing husband planned. He took me to Pasadena Calif. to stay at the beautiful 5 star Langham hotel. It was a warm day so I just wore a green floral summer dress with my pink J Crew statement earrings and some nude wedge sandals. The Langham is a gorgeous hotel built in 1917 mission style. Our room had a beautiful view overlooking the gardens there. IMG_7374 2

We had dinner reservations at the Royce Steakhouse with a beautiful table and a view overlooking the gardens and the lights at night of Pasadena. I wore one of my hubby favorite dresses that is an off the shoulder black dress with a bright floral print at the top, my black Valentino heels, black Chanel handbag, gold bracelet, gold and black statement earrings with a bright lipstick. Our meal was fabulous and they treated us with 1st class service. When they brought out our dessert after dinner they also brought a complimentary 2nd dessert with happy anniversary written in chocolate. I have to say it was in my top 4 best dining experiences ever. We enjoyed the rest of our evening strolling through the gardens with all the trees lit up in white lights. then we went to listen to an evening of live music before going back to our room for the night. When we arrived in our room after dinner it was a wonderful surprise to find our bed covered in pink rose petals and a plate of assorted chocolate with a happy anniversary greeting.
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My hubby had made plans for us to sleep in late the next mooring and the go to the fabulous Sunday brunch at the hotel before checking out. My outfit was a blue and white striped shirt with embroidered flowers on the form, a pair of white widely cropped pants, the nude wedge sandals, a watch and a pair of red tassel earrings!  We then went to the Huntington Library and Gardens. The gardens there were gorgeous and to large (and hot) to take in in just one afternoon so we chose the rose garden, the Japanese garden, the European art museum and the library that has an original Gutenberg Bible, a letter from Abraham Lincoln, and some original copies of Shakespeare’s plays, and much more. It was a hot day, but a wonderful one I wouldn’t have wanted to miss.
We then started our drive home and decided to stop on the way back up the mountain where we live to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Hortencias on the Cliff for dinner that sits at about 4500 feet overlooking the whole inland empire. We arrived home in the evening to play with our pups and just relax and watch a little TV before bed.
We had such a relaxed slow paced wonderful weekend. I love my hubby even more now than I did when I married him those 40 years ago. I have been very blessed to have had such a wonderful soul mate in life all these years! He is my best friend, confident, encourager, supporter, helper, my night in shining armor when needed, and the overall love of my life. I can’t even imagine my life without him. I love him more than there are words to express and admire him in so many ways. He is truly the best man I know! And I’m so thankful that he chose me to spend his life with.
I have linked some of the items I wore, or similar items below in case you are interested and like something!
The dress I wore for dinner was only $39.00 from Venus


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