Elevate Your Look With On-Trend Accessories & Styling Tips

Hello, fellow fashionistas! Accessories and makeup can make all the difference in looking on-trend while wearing a plain pair of cotton cargo pants and a simple white T-shirt.
This combo would be absolutely boring without these accessories! I styled my T-shirt with a simple knot to the side for some interest. Also, an on-trend statement earring, necklace, peep-toe booties, hat, watch, bracelet, and a cool pair of Raybans take these plain clothes to a higher level.
Then I used a little makeup with a red lip color to punch the look up even more. It’s not always about having fancy expensive clothes, it’s all about how you accessorize, and style things that really make the difference. Remember that old saying; Its all in the details!
If you take the time to fix your hair in a current style no matter how simple, it makes you look a bit more polished. Also, you don’t need to have a full face of makeup but a little bb cream, blush, mascara, and a bright statement lip will always up your game, and create a chic signature look.
I encourage you to take your most beat-up pair of jeans and a t-shirt, they can be elevated simply by how you accessorize.
Anything polished looks good! So next time you put on something uninspiring, accessorize! Polish your look, and I promise you will feel better about yourself. And when you feel better, you come across as a confident, classy, chic, and on-trend woman.

I challenge you to take a casual pair of pants or jeans and a T-shirt and turn it into a chic outfit of the day. I will link some simple casual everyday items and accessories below that anyone could wear, and style up or down. Also, one of my favorite bright lip colors and bronzer blush combos. Have fun, it’s easy to accessorize, style, and polish your look. Have a blessed day!

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