On-Trend Controversy: Shorts & What Length For Mature Women?

Hello, my fellow fashionistas!  I want to talk about a touchy subject today! Shorts,  and what length they should be when we approach 60 and above. First of all, there are exceptions to every rule. I hope this does not offend anyone if this blog post doesn’t apply to you. If you look like Cristy Brinkley in a pair of shorts above the knee then you go girl!
As for me, here is what I feel looks classy and sophisticated on a mature women 60 and over: It is to keep your shorts just at the knee or maybe an inch above the knee. A walking short length is always classy in good taste, and On-trend. When in doubt, go longer!
As we age the first places to start looking old and showing the signs of aging after menopause are our knees, thighs, elbows, upper arms, neck, chin, and hands. The more we show these areas, the older we look. If what you show looks good, everyone assumes the rest of you looks that good as well! People will assume you are younger if everything they see looks good.
Leave some things to the imagination. In my opinion, it is unattractive to see old, wrinkled, sagging, and lumpy thighs hanging out the bottom of your short or a dress. Trust me, no one wants to see that! Also, It is always in better taste for a mature woman to show less skin than when she was younger anyway!
My personal rule is to try to only show the tops of my shoulders, below my elbow (or not too much higher than the elbow), and below my knees, or just at my knees. Our knees change as we age, and they can make us look older if they are not in great shape. I don’t work out anymore sad to say. I know I should at least start some weight training to build back some of my lost muscle. So I am going to try to do better.
When I was in my 40’s and even early 50’s, my upper arms were toned and I had great muscle definition and biceps. After menopause hit at the same time with the diagnosis of MS, and then being inactive for a few years, everything just went south…..literally!  I used to laugh and tell my hubby that if I stood upside down on my head everything would go back to where it used to be! Also, my thighs are not something anyone but my husband needs to see. I don’t have a big cellulite issue, my thighs are just not firm and toned anymore.
So ladies, if I was in a pair of short shorts and a tank top in this photo you see above, I would look 10 to 15 years older! I know this is true for most of us as we enter our 60’s and up.  If it’s showing signs of age, I say let’s cover it up!
I will link (below) some shorts and tops that I think can keep us looking younger and classy. It’s all how we present ourselves to the world I know you all want to look your best as I do, so keep those shorty shorts for inside your own home ladies. Let’s put our best foot or legs forward.
Less really is more ladies!

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