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Hello friends, I have been asked many times about my short hair and if I ever have ever worn it long.  I did have it longer when I was younger, the longest I ever had it was just a little past my shoulders, or slightly above them.

This is a photo of me at age 50 almost 10 years ago. I use to spend a lot of time and money when I had longer hair. It became very hot and sweaty on my neck as I started to get hot flashes into that delightful phase of menopause LOL.  My answer to this unattractive mess was to cut it short and off my neck, so that was just what I did! I have been loving it short ever since! The photo below is just after I had cut my hair.


Now I love how easy it is to care for short hair! It only takes a few minutes to wash dry and style It. I no longer need to use flat Irons, curling irons, rollers, etc. My hair gets cut about every 7 to 8 weeks, so no need for expensive conditioners because I am constantly cutting off the dead ends of my hair. All I do is blow dry with a big round brush, then rub some gel into my hands and start styling it with my fingers! Yes, You heard me, ladies, just my fingers! This way it looks a bit more peicy and modern.  I never use a brush to style my hair after I’m done blow-drying it.

Then I just hit it with a little hairspray while still using my hands, to place the hair where I want it to stay. It literally takes me 2 minutes to do my hair now that its short. My hubby loves it short, and I get way more compliments on my hair now than I ever did when it was longer.

This next train of thought is just my opinion, so I hope I can be very diplomatic. I think most mature women look younger and more on-trend and modern with shorter hair. Now, there are exceptions to every rule, and I have known several gorgeous mature women who look amazing with long hair! However, their hair is free from thin dry shabby ends and it is thick, healthy, and styled in a way that looks good with the shape of their face!

Sometimes long hair can pull the face down while short hair or even wearing longer hair up, will lift the face. And at almost 60 I need all the lift I can get LOL.  I also like the way short hair can give some height, and fullness that long hair doesn’t. It can also look a little more classy and sophisticated.


I do still color my hair. I am a natural born blond but after having children it started to darken, so I started coloring it then. I am very fortunate that I don’t have much grey yet.  My roots still come in a darker blond and for me, I’m not sure if I will let it go grey ever? I think this is something again that is different for everyone! Women with cool undertones look amazing with silver hair, while sometimes women with warm undertones can look sallow, or sick with silver hair.

Whatever you choose to do with your hair, make sure it has you looking and feeling your best! Feeling good and projecting confidence is a big key to looking good!

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59-year-old​ retired interior designer. Wife, mother, and grandmother. Taking advantage of my knowledge of design, and using it to promote fashion for middle aged women over 40 and over 50!

4 thoughts on “My Hair The Long & Short Of It

    1. Hi Cara, I love a pixie cut that is longer in the front than the back. It can be styled severia​​l ways when its cut this way. I hope this helps. Sorr​y it took me so long to get back to you. My little dog Trixie has been very ill, and we just had to put her to sleep yesterday. Needless to say, I have been pre-ocupie​d ​for the last week or so. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope you come back again or subscrob​​e​​.

  1. Love love love your hair! Do you mind if I ask what brand of gel you use? I also have short hair and would like it to look more “piecey”.
    Thank you
    P.S. You should do a makeup tutorial also, you have such a beautiful face, and I know you enhance it with makeup.

    1. Hi Cara, Thank you for following me, and for the nice compliment.
      To answer your question, I really just use cheap hair gel from my drug store or grocery store, any brand that’s on sale. I curently have TRESemme’ extra hold hair gel for all types of hair. I put about the size of a large grape in my hand and then rub it all through my hands and fingers. Almost like you would do with hand cream. Then I run it from my roots up, trying not to get to much in my hair to make it wet with gel, just enough to shape it with my fingers only. I do not use a brush or comb when I am styling my hair. Then I just move and hold areas of my hair in position and hit it lightly in each area with some hairspray​. Any spray will do but I do like Paul Mitchell “Shaper”. Also, when my hair is on the longer end right before I’m needing to get it cut I might back come the top crown and front a little before I start shapin​​g it with my gelled fingers. I hope this isn’t to ​complicated! The main thing is only to use y​​our fingers to keep it piece​y I hope this helps!

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