Hello, friends, I want to share with you how I found what colors I look best in.  I love the book “Color Me Beautiful” by Carol Jackson. I found that I look best in spring colors. It really changed what clothes, and makeup I bought and clothes I wore starting some 30 years ago.

Knowing what season color palette you are can make a huge difference in looking your best. I am a Spring.  I look best in soft cool tone colors. Like the coral or pink in the photos above.  If I wear fall colors instead of spring colors, I look washed out and even look sick!

My complexion doesn’t look as good when I wear Fall, Winter, or Summer colors, as it does when I wear Spring colors. In the photo below is an example of me wearing Fall colors. I look pale and washed, out even while wearing all the same makeup that I’m wearing in the photos above.





There are companies that you can have to do your colors for you, or there are books, articles, and even videos you can find to help you figure this out. Below are some books to help you find your best colors so you can always look your best.

I hope you all take the time to find out what season and color you are. It can make such a wonderful difference in how you look and feel. Have a blessed day!

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