Hello, fashionistas! Try updating an old skirt with an on-trend off the shoulder top, belt, strappy wedge sandal, and tassel earrings!
Skirts are back in style and very on-trend right now. You see them in every length and shape. They are styled casually with sneakers and t-shirts, and very formally with fancy heels and pretty blouses.
I have had this skirt for over 12 years. I got several compliments on it today like it was new!
I don’t follow that popular rule that if you don’t wear something in a year give it away! I can’t tell you how many times in the past when I did this, I was sorry later! Do I save everything? No, but I do save the pieces that I think can be styled in different ways to keep them on trend and fresh!
If you love it and have room to store it I say save it! I always enjoy pulling something out of the closet and wearing it in a new way again!
Try looking in your own closet for a cute old skirt you can style with some newer on-trend pieces! I will still buy a new skirt or two this season that I think are cute. You can find some of my favorite skirts for this season in the links below. Have a blessed day!


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