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Hello fashionistas, The wide leg pant is back!
After a few years of skinny jeans taking first place, its a great change a pace to have the high waisted wide leg pants on-trend. This is such a flattering silhouette for mature women over 50. Actually, it is a great look for so many different body shapes and sizes.
The high waisted wide leg pant is great for shorter women like myself because it elongates the legs, and who doesn’t want longer looking legs? They are also great for pairing with a heel or a comfortable wedge to add even more length to the leg. When worn with a shirt tucked in all the way or even a half tuck, it will give the illusion that your legs start at the waist and end at the bottom of the heel or wedge shoe.
I believe proper proportion is the most important part of styling an outfit. No matter how cute your outfit is, if the proportions are wrong it just doesn’t look good or fitted properly. Everyone should learn their own body shape and what proportions look good. Just because something looks great on a friend or relative doesn’t mean it will look good on you! Knowing your own personal style, fit, and proper proportions for dressing is the # 1 most important factor in looking on-trend and fashionable. 
Take for example if I had on flats with these pants in the photo. If I paired them with an untucked, oversized shirt, one that was long and stopping mid-thigh or just above the knee, then compared to the rest of my body I would look frumpy, sloppy, and my legs would look too short for my body. Conversely, if a tall slender woman wore this combination, she would look very chic and fashionable.
Everything in design and fashion is about balance and proportion. If you keep this in mind when getting dressed, no matter how old your outfit is you will be well dressed, and look like a true fashionista.
I will link some great looking high waisted wide leg pants at different price points for your convenience below. Have a blessed day!
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