What classy mature women show off and cover up!
At the Cannes Film Festival in France.
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 Actress Julianne Moore wears a Givenchy Haute Couture gown that is a red cold shoulder cape style dress, and actress Helen Mirren wears a blue velvet Elie Saab off the shoulder gown.
These beautiful women showed off just the right areas that are attractive and chic for mature women. They showed some shoulder and/or some collarbone area, not mature bare arms. For many mature women, the area under the upper arm is not the most attractive (the dreaded chicken wing)! Nor did they show any leg at all, and if they did, it would have been from the knee down and not above the knee. These women look amazing, elegant, classy, and chic! As we age, it is my opinion that we need to be careful about how much skin we show. When we do, it should be our good parts, like our shoulders.
Unless you have a hard body like Jane Fonda, cover it up, ladies! And, even Jane Fonda isn’t bearing a lot of skin the last few years! The great thing about showing off our shoulders is that no matter how old we get, our shoulders don’t sag! Fashion isn’t just about being on-trend, it’s about what looks good and appropriate for each of us depending on our age, shape, size, and fitness level. If a part of the body doesn’t look amazing, cover it up! Accentuate the positive not the negative, and you’ll always look classy and elegant.

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