On-trend jumpsuits & rompers are back on-trend in full force this season. For me, its a blast from the past. A 1980’s trend coming around again in a slightly new more modern way. The Romper is basically a jumpsuit in a shorter length. Basically, I have found them in Maxie, midi, just above the knee, and mini lengths. I will be taking advantage of all these different styles except the mini or anything above my knees, but you should choose what’s right for you, and what your comfortable wearing and actually look good in.
I have my own style rules for my age of 59 (almost 60), I and know my body. I am only comfortable showing my shoulders, my arms from just above my elbows, and my legs from my knees down. This is a personal choice that we all need to make for ourselves, this is what I think keeps it classy for mature women.

These jumpsuits are so hot right now, you can find them in almost every store in any size from petite size 0 to plus size. Every pattern, color, and price point so no one should feel excluded.

The jumpsuit is a great way to style an outfit in one simple step. Anyone can put on one simple garment and add some shoes, a handbag, and some earrings to look stylish and on-trend. The only drawback is whether or not the jumpsuit you chose is easy to get in and out of for using the powder room. It’s also great for traveling, only a single garment to pack versus several garments to make an outfit. I hope you all give this on-trend look a try this season. Have fun with it and enjoy looking stylish and on-trend! I will link some cute jumpsuits and rompers below for your convenience from low to high price point. Have a blessed day!

On sale peach paisley jumpsuit
iconEmbroidered flair leg jumpsuit

Black off the shoulder jumpsuit on sale
iconBlack jumpsuit
iconDark blue cold shoulder midi length jumpsuit on sale
iconElegant black formal jumpsuit on sale
iconChloe designer jumpsuit 75% off
iconThe jumpsuit I’m wearing from Venus.com


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