How to mix designer pieces with some basics for an on-trend look for over 50 women

Hello ladies!

After having some good success on Instagram and numerous positive comments from followers, I have decided to start a fashion blog where I can write in more detail about my outfits and show more pictures. If you are 40, 50 or 60 plus years of age,  I will show you how to dress stylishly and fashionable for our age.

This first set of pictures is an outfit I wore on a visit to Hollywood with my husband. He was speaking at a conference and we had a nice mini-vacation. After, we went to Greystone Manor Mansion in Beverly Hills and were able to take some pictures while touring their lovely gardens.

I am wearing a light blue sheer ruffled blouse from Venus, black tweed Chanel style jacket from Zaful, Good American skinny jeans from Nordstroms, black and nude rockstud heels from Nordstroms, black leather Gucci belt, and light blue tassel earrings. I often like to mix some nice things that are of high quality (and of course have a pretty good price), with more inexpensive items.

My philosophy is to sometimes spend money on items that are classic and timeless such as a nice handbag. Other items (such as super trendy pieces that can go out of style in a season) I like to buy for significantly less money. You can mix and match an outfit that looks great. My blouse was under $30.00, and the jacket was around $45.00. The earrings were under $10.00. In the future, I will have posts that are considerably less expensive than this one. Looking good does not have to be expensive!

I plan on posting several times a week. I will describe my outfit and why the pieces go together, and will also tell you where I bought them and how much they cost.

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59-year-old​ retired interior designer. Wife, mother, and grandmother. Taking advantage of my knowledge of design, and using it to promote fashion for middle aged women over 40 and over 50!

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